Cooling System check up / Drain flush

We do NOT schedule this maintenances with the intent of upselling you on other product or services. Our strategy for long term success is long term relationships with our customers based on integrity, efficiency, and competence.

Hot summer days beat down on your a/c system components. Make sure you are doing your part to ensure your system is running as efficiently and safely as possible!!! Schedule a thorough spring check! Your air conditioning system will be inspected for proper and efficient operation and the drain line will be flushed out to greatly reduce chances of condensate line problems.Learn More emergency service

Repairs / Diagnostics Residential & Commercial

At Candor we strive to provide you the absolute best satisfaction when needing heating and cooling system repairs and maintenance. We pride ourselves in being thorough and accurate in our troubleshooting and repairs.Learn More

Get your FREE Second Opinion !!

The importance of a second opinion can not be stressed enough. Many factors can lead to a misdiagnosis. For any major repairs that need to be done call us and we will confirm that repairs are in fact needed and will provide you a competent quote for repairs.Learn More

Free Estimates

Replacing your entire system can be very costly. If you have been told you need an entire system replacement give us a call. We will explore all options and alternatives and if a whole system change is in fact needed you can trust that we will put together a competitive price quote. We also offer financing to our customers.Learn More

Commercial Refrigeration

Candor Heating and Cooling is also capable of providing good quality repairs, installs and service on Commercial Refrigeration equipment.

  • Ice makers
  • Walk in freezers
  • Walk in coolers
  • Beer line coolers
  • and more

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Thankfully in San Antonio the heating part of your systems don’t get used a lot on a typical winter unless your system is a heat pump which will run most components most of the year. However, due to the inherent nature of heating systems that use natural gas or high amperage electrical circuits Learn More

Our Strategy and Values

We strongly believe in integrity. At Candor we strive to be honest and competent in our troubleshooting and repairs to extend the life of your heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment. We have the professional skills that will save you from unnecesary costs and headaches. Our extensive experience in a wide variety of equipment types accredit us as a competent HVAC/R company in San Antonio. What ever your situation is we are here to do the job and do it right !